Beginning with the End . . .

Beginning with the end . . . In mind. In sight. That is, with the end goal clearly defined. In short, what is it that I am beginning? On what journey am I embarking, where am I headed, and why is the journey important? And what does it mean to slow to wonder? All valid questions.... Continue Reading →

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[Re]capturing Beauty in the Bustle

Full mind. Full schedule. No space. To think. To sleep.  It’s like flying down a country road at 85 mph and trying to take in the beauty of the trees you’re passing by. They’re nothing but a greenish blur. There’s a sense that beauty is—or could be—there to behold, but how in the name of... Continue Reading →

Ode, to the Ecstasy of Walking

Head full to bursting, I step out the doors. Hop down the steps. Put one foot in front of the other and begin to stride out into the open air. Breeze whooshing to and fro, sun beaming down from an—at long last—euphoric, azure sky. Heart beating, my racing mind begins to slow to the rhythm... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Part about Growing

I had to do something last night that was more difficult than I thought it would be. It's a necessary part of life; without it growth may be stunted. Without such a step future fruitfulness would not be as rich. But regardless of consoling oneself regarding future ramifications, some aspects of the journey of life... Continue Reading →

On Pursuing What We Love

The blame (or thanks) for this post rests on a soufflé.   Yes, you read that correctly. Hang tight. We’ll circle back.   . . .   I don’t know what percentage of the population also struggles with this, but I tend to set aside some of the enjoyable, optional things in life when I... Continue Reading →

Grace and a $168 Bottle of Wine

On June 22, I witnessed something rather peculiar. It was one of those days I’ll never forget—one that I will look back on as a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly . . . Let me explain. So I was at my local wine shop for a complementary tasting. As usual, I... Continue Reading →

The Power of Attention

The other day, this blog post by Cal Newport got me thinking about attention, and about devotion. In the post he quotes Franklin Foer, speaking of Mary Oliver’s collection of poems Upstream: “The piece concludes with a sentence that implants itself in the brain, because it is, in fact, so far upstream from the way... Continue Reading →

Making Time to Walk

Of all the healthy practices I carve out time to engage—things benefitting my body, mind, and soul/spirit—I am surprised that I don’t more regularly make time for walking. I know many intellectual and creative “greats” of past generations have engaged the practice of taking regular walks, and many of them found the silence, the rhythm,... Continue Reading →

Slowing, to Root: On Knowing and Loving Place

Place.    Roots.    Home. These words have meaning. They conjure up sensations that we intuitively understand, but for which we often have trouble finding words. Sometimes it’s easier to link images, memories, sounds and smells, tastes and textures with these words—finding metaphors that fit rather than aptly descriptive prose. The importance of place is... Continue Reading →

Still Life: On Slow Living

In a fast-paced world, slowing down is seemingly the last thing that people would desire. As infrequent as the practice of slowing may be in our day, it may not be an overstatement to say that we’ve never been more in need of it. . . . It’s Monday morning. You wake up to your... Continue Reading →

“For Every [Book] There is a Season”

I’m in the middle of reading two books—no wait, three—each one that I’ve known about for a while, but hadn’t picked up to read until this year. Interestingly, each of these books fits, in its own unique way, incredibly well into this season of my life. As I digest various chapters, sentences, and concepts, I... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Perspective

Note: This post was first drafted in January. Hence the context . . . Enjoy. Last night I found myself driving the often heatless BMW 15 miles in the cold dark of January to pick up my husband, who was basically stranded on the side of a highway with our red Jeep. Both vehicles were... Continue Reading →

On Friendship

I’ve tended to think of myself as the sort of person that can pick up where I left off with friendships. I even took pride in this notion, pleased that I could focus my attentions in a certain direction, towards certain goals—even or especially while in a specific geographical location—away from loved ones while continuing... Continue Reading →

Original Beauty

Yesterday I was talking with Daniel about many things—as a verbal processor, I have a tendency to string a bunch of topics together as I recognize the connections. A professor of mine once noted, verbal processors “actually get smarter as they talk!” Mm. Ye-essss. That’s me, I believe. I’m grateful for Daniel’s patience in listening... Continue Reading →

The Fallow Field

Life has many twists and turns. Some seasons stretch out longer, while others are more brief. Some hold great amounts of joy and delight, others are riddled with grief. For me, many life chapters have held a great amount of waiting and unknown. As my mentor and I have continued to meet over the past... Continue Reading →

Sleeping At Last: Enneagram Types in Song

My music “obsession” of late (and I use that term lightly) has been Sleeping At Last.  Ryan O’Neal, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter, producer and composer that is Sleeping At Last, has, in my opinion, an incredible ability to communicate complex notions in the art form of song. On topics many of us fail to find adequate words... Continue Reading →

There is More to You Than This

Sometimes I ask myself, Am I holding back creatively? Am I capable of more?  Is there something I’m afraid of? Are there people I am trying to please?  . . .  One of my favorite lines from the 1994 film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story Little Women is Friedrich’s exhortation to Jo after... Continue Reading →

The Allure of Novelty

While reading for a class I am in this semester, my mind wandered to possible topics of study for a doctoral dissertation. It struck me that, even though I am in the midst of writing a master’s thesis, my mind can be so easily taken up to the novelty of that down-the-road possibility.  And how... Continue Reading →

What Wine Taught Me about Wonder

I will now be smelling everything. Well, not everything. But I will be holding fruit, spices, vegetables, herbs, tea, coffee, bread, bowls of yogurt and granola… and certainly wine …up to my nose. If I learned anything from Gisela Kreglinger’s beautiful wine tasting hosted by the Denver Institute for Faith & Work, it is that... Continue Reading →

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