Beginning with the End. . .

In mind. In sight. That is, the end goal clearly defined. In short, what is it that I am beginning? On what journey am I embarking, where am I headed, and why is the journey important? And what does it mean to slow to wonder? All valid questions. I shall engage the last one first. Slowing... Continue Reading →

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What Wine Taught Me about Wonder

I will now be smelling everything. Well, not everything. But I will be holding fruit, spices, vegetables, herbs, tea, coffee, bread, bowls of yogurt and granola… and certainly wine …up to my nose. If I learned anything from Gisela Kreglinger’s beautiful wine tasting hosted by the Denver Institute for Faith & Work, it is that... Continue Reading →

Moonset: A Poem

Before sky ripened  with Sun’s ruddy blush  Breath stolen away  Icy-warm circle of perfection hung— Still— above stone-cold mountains blue Gleam of winter  gracing summer’s morn Unmistakable beauty Wonder to behold Too soon sliding—  Hiding—  Escaping  from eyes gaping wide shoulders turned square heart beating wild soul mystified Sinking  eyes furiously drinking Last glimpses Beloved... Continue Reading →

Reframing the “Everyday”

Come to think of it, this morning was largely an ideal morning.  I woke up without an alarm, but it was still early enough for me to have much of the day ahead of me. (It was also early enough that I could have some cherished morning time to myself while my husband slept in.)... Continue Reading →

A Leisurely Lunch with Lewis

*I composed this piece not too long ago, when I was still single, on a Sunday afternoon. Although such details are not entirely consequential, I want to mention them because I preferred not alter the original musings too much. Cheers! I came home after church this morning quite hungry for lunch. Alone in my apartment,... Continue Reading →

Fika and Hygge (Or, Words You Should Know)

The terms fika and hygge (“WHO-guh”) have been delightful discoveries for me. To be able to communicate a concept and have a single word that means just what you mean to say is so fitting. So right. It just feels good. Both fika and hygge communicate concepts that we can describe in English using several (or many) words. While it certainly... Continue Reading →

On Scones and Gingersnaps

The other morning I was enjoying some home-baked treats with a friend. We were sitting on stools at a local coffee shop where we meet some days before work. Enjoying my recent creations, she asked me what my favorite thing was to bake. Easy. The answered rolled off my tongue: “Scones.” What she said next... Continue Reading →

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